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The folks at SHART Media really aren’t anything special other than like yourself, have a passion for what they do.  Its that driving passion that makes all the difference in the world.  It drives us to work harder, spark creativity, learn new skills, and do whats right and in the best interest of our clients on a daily basis.  Social Media Marketing, Videos, Data Entry, Blogs and blogs are what we do…we do it because its what we enjoy…we do it because we do it well…and we do it because its what you need.

ScottFounded by Scott VanderHeide and based out of Southern California.  Scott has been working in Marketing, Promotions, Sales, and Mgmt for the last 20 years since becoming educated in Marketing/Business at Utah State University.  His primary focus has been in Automotive Industry with a focus on Marketing, Sales, and Relationship Marketing (the early term for Social Media)  He learned early on from his mentors and co-workers, that the single most important part of growing a successful business is building relationships with loyal customers by building a brand based on trust.

As we all know…the best and most effective way of building trust is letting them get to know you.  Letting them get to know what you do and how you do it.  Putting it all out there…the good, the bad, and everything in between.  Nobody is perfect…and we all make mistakes…so fess up and grow from it.  Your customers will will not remember you for what you’ve done…but rather how you’ve handled their situations.  The only way they are going to know this is by either having the experience themselves, seeing it on a public forum (social media), or word of mouth (the best form of advertising you could ever ask for).  The folks at SHART Media are aware of this and here to help!  Let us show you how your business can grow by building relationships with your consumers…and getting them to keep coming back (with friends)!

Social Marketing, Content Creation, and Web Design are our main areas of focus and what we can help you with.  Keeping fresh content is extremely important as to always be fresh in the mind and wanting to hear what you have to say next!  YouTube videos are the perfect way to show your consumers first hand what you can do for them, how you’ve tested your products, and how they fit and operate.  And most importantly, having a functioning website that drives its own Organic Traffic (SEO) can make all the difference in the world.  A good friend put it to me this way and I’ll never forget it….“You can have the most beautiful store in the world…but if its in the middle of the desert and nobody can see it…its pretty much worthless.”  This relates well with websites…the idea is to generate traffic to your store…and incorporating all of the social media, videos, blogs, and a proper functioning SEO friendly site is the way to do it.

SHART Media’s Inspiration – Project SHART

By on October 21, 2013

SHART Media's Inspiration - Project SHARTThe Inspiration of SHART Media – a car, and old car at that too!  

Yes, I get it…its a twenty year old piece of shit that probably served its purpose and belongs in a junkyard to spend the rest of its days.  I chose to bring this car back to life for what it represents…that little shit that surprised ya when trying to push something else out.  SHART – A Fart resulting in something unexpected.  SHART Media is just that…something unexpected from someone you didn’t expect it from.  SHART Media brings to you an innovative way of doing things…bringing your business to the forefront using Social Media as its catalyst.  Website design, input and maintenance, consumer interaction via social media, as well and video creation…this is what SHART Media brings to the table.


SHART Media Web Design Portfolio

By on November 17, 2013

SHART Media Web Design Portfolio Web Design and SEO are the keys to having a successful website.  We are here to help with design, setup, data entry, and training.  Check out a few of our sites from our current Portfolio.

Motorsports Industry – Social Media and Web Design

By on October 21, 2013

Todays market is mobile.  The day and age of reading ads in print (magazines and newspapers) are long gone.  Consumers are on the move…and we as businesses need to do what we can to keep up.  Social Media is here…and